At Recharge City, you can take a break in our “little village on the go” and at the same time have a great experience – whether it’s hunger that needs to be satisfied, the car that needs to be refueled or the body that needs fresh air in green surroundings or a good night’s sleep. Recharge City is the place, where rest time turns into quality time – for all kind of people on the go. Read more about which partners, opportunities and offers our little village on the go city contains.

Café Gnist

In collaboration between GRAN, Madhosmads, and coffee expert Peter Nicolaj Thorup, a new and café concept will be introduced in early 2024. It combines their collective 30 years of experience from the café, catering, and coffee industries, aiming to challenge the current standards encountered by commuters on the highway. Whether you're a truck driver, a family on the go, or looking for a cozy atmosphere in a homely café environment while your car charges, the café welcomes you into comfortable surroundings with high comfort. Fresh, high-quality food and the best highway barista coffee are ready in an instant.

For the busy salesperson, we offer undisturbed spaces where new business deals can take place, allowing work to be done peacefully away from the hustle of the highway.
Truck drivers can look forward to the best meal of the day with a menu ranging from familiar favorites such as beef stroganoff, braised neck steak, sailor's hash, and much more.

Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. is every burger enthusiast's dream destination. The chain was founded in California in 1941 and now has restaurants spread across the globe. We are known for our large flame-grilled American burgers made from fresh ingredients and 100% beef. In Denmark, the first restaurant was opened by the Salling Group 10 years ago, and today we have 16 restaurants scattered across the country.
With the opening in Recharge City, this restaurant is our 17th and newest addition to the stem. Here, you can get exactly what you need for your pit stop – whether it's a big, juicy burger meal, crispy, hand breaded chicken tenders, a snack for a small hunger, a good cup of coffee, or a hand-scooped vanilla ice cream milkshake. Take a well-deserved break and enjoy your food inside the restaurant or make it easy and quick by ordering at our drive-thru.
Treat yourself – and Eat Like You Mean It™

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Circle K

Circle K

Circle K is one of the leading convenience, energy, and fuel suppliers in Denmark, and is now opening a full-service station that is an investment in the infrastructure of the future. In Denmark, Circle K operates two separate brands (Circle K & INGO) at a total of 436 locations across the country, 209 of which are Circle K. The new station in Recharge City is designed as a charging point for everyone on the go - in more ways than one. The new station has 12 fast charging stations centrally located. The shop offers a wide range of freshly prepared food and beverages and is designed to meet new customer needs, with large seating areas allowing customers to take a break on the go. In addition, the station is equipped with solar panels, a car wash, and a common energy solution throughout the store with a focus on energy optimization and the environment. The new station has a full approach to sustainability. Stop by Circle K and refuel for your trip - whether it's food, electricity, or fuel.

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Zleep Hotels

Zleep Hotels

At Zleep Hotels, we guarantee a good night's sleep at dream prices, which we have offered for almost 20 years. At our hotels, you will always experience that great service, Danish design, quality beds and digital solutions go hand in hand. With 13 hotels in Denmark, 2 hotels in Europe and 10 hotels on the drawing board, we can proudly invite our guests inside our quality hotels. Whether you're traveling with the family, on business or need a pit stop on the way, Zleep will always be the best and most value-conscious choice.

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Mega Wash


At MegaWash, we've been washing trucks in more than 30 years. We have experience with all types of washing for large vehicles – from trucks to trailers, campers, or animal transports. MegaWash can offer washing and disinfection around the clock in 11 modern lanes, spread across five lanes in Padborg, four lanes in Vejle, one lane each in Hørning and Horsens. Today, we can wash up to 250 trucks per day – whenever it suits you. From 2024, we're opening at Recharge City near Horsens South, exit 57, with an additional two lanes.

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At DEKRA, we ensure people travel safely on their journeys - both when it comes to traffic and in their careers. That's why we specialize in inspecting small and large vehicles while also providing training, upskilling, and reskilling for sustainable jobs - including in the transport industry.
You can find our schools throughout the country, where we offer education and further training in the transport sector. The school in Recharge City offers a wide range of relevant courses that support the industry's development and prepare it for future demand for drivers.
DEKRA is the fastest-growing vehicle inspection chain in Denmark, and with inspection centers throughout the country, we are always close to you. In our inspection center in Recharge City, we carefully and efficiently inspect everything from private cars to commercial vehicles. So, we look forward to welcoming you to the inspection center or the school.

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Super Dæk Service

Super Dæk Service has kept Denmark road-ready since 1974, and with more than 70 workshops nationwide, we offer nationwide repairs, tire changes, and services for private individuals, businesses, and agriculture.
In Recharge City, our first workshop specifically targeting trucks and busses is opening. As a truck driver, you can effectively use your rest time and let us ensure that you can safely continue your journey.
At Super Dæk Recharge City, we offer tire changes and tire checks for truck tires, so you are always road-ready and avoid unforeseen and costly tire-related breakdowns. If an accident should occur while on the road, we also offer breakdown service, where our more than 70 service vehicles are ready for deployment and quick assistance, 24/7.
We look forward to welcoming you and your truck and keeping you road-ready.

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Since 1973 Sortimo has been a leader in van racking solutions.
Sortimo's products are primarily designed for vans of all sizes, and are sold via a professional market segmented network of dealers and partners.
The products include e.g. van racking, pull-out drawers, floor/side cladding, as well as a wide selection of various accessories and load securing products.

In Recharge City, Sortimo has a 1,000 m2 conversion workshop with associated office, where we can help you with van assembly and sales advice.

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