Book truck parking

Create a user profile

To book a parking space at Recharge City, you will have to create a user profile. When the user profile is set up in our system, it will be easy and convenient to log in and book your next parking space.

Create a new booking

When you have set up your user profile, please follow these steps to create a new booking:

  • Click on bookings
  • Click on create new booking
  • Add information about your vehicle
  • Add additional information to your booking (for example, rest Wednesday in the afternoon)
  • Add estimated arrival and departure
  • Enter your licence plate number(s)
  • Click on save – you have now booked a parking space at Recharge City

Price overview

0-1 hour


1-4 hours

9 Euro

4-8 hours

15 Euro

8-12 hours

25 Euro

12-24 hours

32 Euro

24-48 hours

50 Euro

48 hours +

50 Euro

+ 3 Euro per hour

All prices include access to Drivers Lounge as well as toilet and bathing facilities. All prices are without VAT.

Customer account

With a customer account at Recharge City, you can benefit from:

  • Fixed parking spaces
  • Reduced prices
  • Subscription feature
  • Forwarded invoice after your visit
  • Trailer swapping
  • Storeroom

Would you like to create a customer account or hear more about your possibilities?


Charlotte Ørnsvig